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The Taylors - Toronto, Ontario

We are thrilled with our new California shutters from M3 Design! Mike had our shutters measured, ordered, built and installed within 2 weeks! No small feat for our 3-part front bay window. Installation was very quick (a few hours) and clean (absolutely no clean up!) And the shutter quality is readily apparent - strong, wide blades, solid construction and quality hardware. While deciding on window coverings for our new-to-us 1960's bungalow, we obtained a few quotes, and even looked at alternatives (blinds, etc.). We wanted something durable, easy to maintain, functional (in terms of privacy at night and flow of light during the day), and all at a good price. In terms of value for money, we feel like we got a great deal. Our shutters were custom made to match the quality of the trim on our new windows. They give a clean and contemporary feel to eachy room, are easy to keep clean, and we know will be far more durable than any other kind of window covering. When fully open they provide little impediment to the flow of natural light. Conversely, when fully closed they are very effective at blocking out light, helping us get a more restful sleep. In the bedrooms, we opted to split the shutters in the middle (horizontally), allowing half the shutter to be closed for privacy, with the rest open for light. Overall, we are glad we decided to invest in the shutters versus other coverings - and are really glad we picked M3 Design to build and install them for us. We would definitely recommend M3 without hesitation.

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